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System Updates
Recruit Module Updated

We have updated the recruit module to have a greater capacity for talent management, integration with a search system, and the ability to handle more job offers simultaneously.

Run Protocol

It is already available that protocols with multiple nested sprints can be executed. This allows you to have complex roadmap structures in one click.

Support Canary Tax

The system already detects that the company is in the Canary Islands to determine if it should incorporate the Canary Islands tax, the IGIC.

New Profile Design

Make a corrections in design of user detail template to look better an fast

Update the Pipeline Designer

More speed and aditional nodes and connectors

Piipeline Developer
Update Design in Thanks template

Put more information about offer and apply process

Update Recruit System

New candidate scoring processes and internal comments between the team of recruiters, supervisors and producer who must carry out the selections.

Task Manager
New Cards

Optimización del diseño de las fichas de tareas para una mejor lectura y uso

Companies Navigator

Hemos mejorado la navegación entre las compañías para poder hacer la experiencia mejor. Ahora tienes un botón que despliega una barra de selección para poder centrar la atención en lo que importa, crear contenido.

Actions on candidates

Recruiters have an administrator mode where they can rescue candidates who have been classified by mistake or the options for cleaning the lists.

Bug Fix

We have fixed several small bugs that users have reported to us. They are small details such as out of square buttons, elements that are not displayed, and other tips that we are quick to solve.

UI Onboarding
Initial User UI

We know that after registering it is essential that you enter your data, we are working on the first window so that you fill in your name and photo to get to know us all.

Recruit Notifications
Notifications for the recruit

We already have an internal system so that supervisors and producers can intervene in the selection process. When they have to review profiles, the system will notify them of the new tasks.

Recruit Notifications
Speed Recruit

The recruiters control panel has quick buttons for the selection process. With them, recruiters, supervisors and producers can manage applications more efficiently.

Privacity First

Projects or profiles that are labeled as private will not appear in searches except for the internal team of the company.
Los proyectos o perfiles que estén etiquetados como privados no aparecerán en las búsquedas salvo para el equipo interno a la empresa.