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b -water animation is a global animation studio. We deeply value our company culture as a vibrant multinational and multi-cultural environment. We provide many ways for you to be intrinsically involved and contribute to projects in a meaningful way. As an industry forever simmering with ingenuity, we are dedicated to the creative process, working together to shape a new era of animation. Here everyone has a voice, and everyone is free to pitch in with their ideas and suggestions. 

b-water animation is looking for a LEAD ANIMATOR to join our team!

• 2+ years of experience as a Senior or Lead Animator in the animation industry
• Proficient in 3D animation packages
• Strong understanding of key-framed animation development processes, limitations, and dependencies
• A strong understanding of basic human kinetics and basic real-world physics
• Understanding of rigging and modeling
• Thorough understanding of animation principles
• Strong leadership, management, and organizational skills
• Excellent team player with strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to effectively give direction and communicate storytelling
• Ability to set priorities for yourself and others, as well as manage the progress of work
• Proactive work ethic, capable problem solver with the ability to implement solutions
• Ability to multitask, prioritize and manage time efficiently
• Ability to communicate in a professional and positive manner
• Ability to adapt to multiple animation styles 

• Responsible for assigning tasks and their deadline to the Artists of the department, as well as ensuring technical support to the department
• Respect assigned production quotas
• Work in collaboration with the different departments of the studio
• Work in the established pipeline
• Determine the best method for producing the animations for the project
• Understand the overall brief and goals of a project and communicate this clearly to each member of the team
•Delegate work responsibly to ensure successful completion of shots across team members of all skill levels
• Drive team reviews and, when appropriate, offer creative/technical feedback on reviewed shots
• Work with the Animation Supervisor and the production team to prepare bids and pitches as required
• When required, produce high-quality animation in line with the Directors creative vision
• Be a positive and creative force on the team
• Identify potential risks or issues and work on a mitigation strategy
• Create and rig proxy models as needed, proxy FX for timing, and proxy lighting for lighting reference
• Conduct range of motion tests for all new character builds
• Complete assigned animation within the scheduled timeframe
• Liaise with Design, Modelling, Lighting, and FX to ensure delivery of dependent assets

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